8 March 1863

General Sedgwick’s Headquarters
Camp as usual
March 8th 1863

Dear Wife,

I must try to write you a short letter which you must excuse for today as I have wrote one to E. Janes & my arm is tired although I think it is better than it was. Everything around here remains the same. Augustine Janes ¹ is very low. His discharge papers are ready for him to go home but I am afraid he will never reach there alive. He has the chronic diarrhea very bad and yesterday he told me that he passed as much as a half teacup full of fresh blood and his bowels and back were very sore. I saw him with his clothes off Friday. He was not anything but skin and bones.

I bring the mail from the regiment to the company and I shall call in to the hospital and see him every day as long as he stays here if I can. There is over 40 sick in the regiment — only one from our company. I do not know how many deaths there has been in the regiment. The rest of the W. boys are all well.

I received your letter of March 1st. I hope this will find you all well. Tell the children Papa would like to see them if he could. I thank Anna very much for her letters. I hope they will do me good.

My love to you all. From your husband, — William A. Bartlett

How does Uncle Lewis get along this winter?

¹ Presumably Justin E. Janes of Westhampton who enlisted in Co. D, 37th Massachusetts at the age of 25 and died on 29 March 1863.

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