7 April 1863

Camp near Fredericksburg, Virginia
General Sedgwick’s Headquarters
April 7, 1863

Dear Wife,

As Edward Hooker is going home tomorrow, I thought I would write a few words & send by him. I am going to send my letter home by him & my mittens as I do not want to carry them with me through the summer. My letters I want you to save till I come home. I wish I had something to send you for a present but I have not got anything that you would want except myself & I cannot send that now very well. You must get along as well as you can without me for awhile yet.

I have not said anything  to the doctor lately about my arm, It remains about the same. I think I shall go in a few days and see if he can do it any good. I think there is some rheumatism about it. Hooker can tell you more about me & how I get along than I can write. It is not because I do not want to see you that I do not apply for a discharge. But situated as I am, I had better stay here if I can, My health is very good. I wish you would write what you think about it. I hope that this letter will find you all well. Much love to you all.

From your husband, — William A. Bartlett

I received your letter of April third last night. I found 50 cents in it. I am very much obliged to you for it but you must be careful & not rob yourself for I can do without money better than you can. Hooker’s box came last night. Mine has not come yet. — Wm. A. Bartlett

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