3 September 1863

Headquarters Army Corps
Warrenton, Virginia
September 3, 1863

Dear Wife,

As I have received no letters from you since a week ago today, I suppose you think one letter a week is enough for me. I some expect one today, if you were well enough to write me one. I hope that you are not sick. If you are, you must get somebody to write for you. I shall if I am not able to write myself.

My health is good now. If it was not for that brea__ & a couple of boils, I should feel first rate. But if nothing worse happens to me than that, I do not care as they will not hinder me from doing light work such as I could do in a paper mill.

There is no news of any consequence around here. They appear to be doing most of the fighting somewhere else.

September 4.  Dear Alida, I got hindered yesterday so much that I could not finish my letter to you. I suppose you will be looking anxiously for it. It is not very often that you have to wait so long for a letter from me. I received your letter, postage stamps, & paper last night. I was glad to hear that you had got well. I was afraid you would be sick & did not know what you would do if you was with no one to help you & short for money. The Army expect to be paid off again this month for the last 2 months but they may not get it before next month. I think that I can get mine when they are paid again. I could this time if I had only knowed how. It will be good when we do get it & more of it.

I meant to fill this letter full to pay for the good one you sent me. Will it do? If not, I will write another on Sunday.


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