3 April 1864

Cliffburn Barracks ¹
Depot Camp V. R. C. [Veteran Reserve Corps]
Washington D. C.
April 3, 1864

Dear Wife,

It is Sabbath evening & I been to lazy to write today but I suppose you will be disappointed if you do not get my letter at the usual time so I will try to write something [even] if it is not so interesting for I have no news to write & not much else. I guess I will begin about the weather. It has rained most of the time for the past week & looks as though it would rain tomorrow. The storms are cold & disagreeable but it seems like spring. The grass is up quite green & the frogs are peeping every night & the birds are getting around plenty. I suppose snow is knee deep up home.

I have not heard anything from my discharge yet nor do not expect to for a fortnight yet. It has gone to the City to be signed. I hope there will be no mistake for I want it. I do not feel near as strong as I did 3 weeks ago before I was so unwell but I feel pretty well otherwise. I shall feel glad to get home & be a free man once more. I think I have learned a good lesson in the past 2 years. I have roamed around the world enough for one man & would like to settle down in some good spot with my dear family and spend the rest of my short life a sober, steady, & industrious man, bringing up my children in the way they should go so that when they grow up they will be an honor to their parents. I can picture out what I would like but [with] my health being so poor, I do not know how you shall get along. But I think we can make an honest living somehow, don’t you? Where there is a will, there is a way.

I want you should keep in writing until I do come home for I do not know how long it will be. Give my love to the children. My love to you & a goodnight & pleasant dreams about your husband, — W. A. Bartlett

¹ Cliffburn Barracks was a camp quartering invalids in the Veteran Reserve Corps (formerly called the Invalid Corps). It was located at Mount Pleasant, a few miles north of the White House. A military hospital was also located there.


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