16 March 1864

Cliffburn Barracks
Depot Camp I. C. [Invalid Corps]
Washington D. C.
March 16, 1864

Dear Wife,

I suppose I must write this afternoon or you will be complaining that you do not get 2 letters a week & I do not know as you will get this before Monday. It think it is about time for me to begin to complain for I do not get but one. I wish you would be so kind as to write twice a week if you please & you would oblige me very much. I do not believe it would cost one half as much trouble to write 2 letters a week as it would be pleasure for me to receive them (now do, won’t you?). Your last Sunday letter I have not got yet but I think I shall get it tomorrow. It ought to have been here today.

That chopping knife is one of the most handy things we have got in the cook house. We make hash for breakfast almost every morning for about 30 of us. I am sorry I did not bring those overalls with me. They would have saved my pants & been easier to wash. I do not have to work nights now for we have not got only about 350 men to feed now. I have got me a new pair of pants & a pair of stockings since I came back.

I have not been to the City since so I cannot write you any news about that place. The sergeant offered to pay my expenses if I wished to go to the theatre tonight but I think I shall not go.

Yesterday was Carrie’s birthday. Did you kiss her for me? I should like to have been at home.

It is very pleasant weather here now — rather cool but no snow. Not much like the weather was 2 years ago, I reckon, don’t you?

Well, I do not know what more to write except my love to you all & do the best [portion of letter cut off] … husband is homesick sometimes but I guess he will get along a spell yet. If you call this a poor letter, I do not blame you for I could not think of much to write about. goodbye.

From your loving husband, — William A. Bartlett

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