1 March 1863

General Sedgwick’s Headquarters
Camp near Fredericksburg, Virginia
March 1, 1863

Dear Wife,

It is the Sabbath again & time for me to write to you again but I do not know what to write. We do not have anything new to write about & you know that I never was very good at composing. I had rather talk sentimental than write it but I must try in answer to yours. I think you done very well for the first time. Your love is divided between your husband in the Army & your children at home. While my love is centered in that one sacred spot — home — where all that I love on earth are — where my own loved wife & four little ones can remain, as I hope, in peace & security. How I long for the time to come where I can hear a “welcome home” from your own loved lips & can kiss & caress our children once more — not forgetting sister Anna nor her care for her little pets. I have one consolation here & that is I can look at the pictures of those I love which is worth a great deal to me.

It is spring in reality here with us. It is like the first of April at home. There is not a bit of snow to be seen. The birds are out & singing merrily. I do not know yet whether I can get a furlough or not. If I do, it will not be much before the first of April unless it is a case of necessity. There cannot but two be gone at a time.

Yesterday we were mustered in for four months pay. We shall not get it before the 10th or 15th of this month. It may be not then.

My arm remains about the same. I do not do any duty at all now but eat & sleep. I should write more but it makes my arm ache.

That 11 dollars is mine & you can use it as you have a mind to. I received your letter & 3 papers yesterday. My love to you all. Goodnight.

From your husband, — William A. Bartlett

Headquarters, 6th Army Corps
Washington D. C.
Care of Capt. A. S. Flag

Direct your letters so & we get them sooner, so the Lieut. says. The P. O. is close by us now.

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